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Getting Started Getting Started
This guide is intended for new users and highlights the major points regarding the use of our Galileo Site Manager service.


Getting Started Guide

  • Getting Started Guide


    1) Account Activation Notice
    You should have received a "Galileo Site Manager Account Activation" notice by email, if you have not received yours, please contact support before continuing.

    Your "New Account Information" notice contains the username, password and order information that you will need to use our services.
    Please keep this information safe and have it to hand when contacting us for any reason.

    2) Control Panel
    It is the place from which you can manage all aspects of your account, services, billing and view help documentation.

    Log in to your control panel by supplying your UserName and Password.
    The Control Panel will open showing your services menu on the left, account admin, help link and language selection menu on the top bar.

    3) Managing Services
    Click on the any of subscribed services your want to manage. An activation notice will open asking you to activate your service by clicking the below button.

    Once you activated your service you will be able to use this service immediately at your website.

    Go to the code page of this service and select your preferred zone. Then generate the code and paste it into your website directly. You will enjoy this service working at your website in just a few minutes.

    You can return back to your control panel at any time to manage your service by:

    1. Adding further zones or deleting an existing one.
    2. Managing your service by adding a new data or updating an existing one.
    3. Setting your own service properties and options including fonts, colors and texts in addition to your own service look-and-feel to suit your website design.

    4) Getting Help
    Should you encounter difficulties, documentation regarding our service and technical support can be obtained at any time from our online support center.

    Also there are so many useful helps and links in our useful resources center.

    We always welcome any comments or suggestions you many have, if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.
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